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Lie Fhung is the artist behind FHUNG workshops, a maker who loves to work with all sorts of materials from clay to metal to paper to leather and anything in between. By requests, she is now sharing her love of making things through a series of small workshops.

An award-winning artist based in Hong Kong, Lie Fhung was born and grew up in Indonesia. Art making is her way to contemplate and to bear witness to personal stories. For her, the act of creating is a matter of existence and survival. To realise her artistic visions, she explores whatever medium speaks to her; from porcelain to paint, metal, fabric, and digital prints, which are often presented in the form of installations. You can view her artworks here.

Fhung simply loves to create. She enjoys inventing, designing, up-cycling and crafting things that she can use in her daily life. Her one-of-a-kind FHUNG artistmade jewellery is one of such things. She also designs digital scrapbooking products which you can find here.

When not creating, she loves reading, watching movies, singing along to music, goes on hiking exploring nature and taking photos with her iPhone. Take a peek of her Instagram feed below...

  • @fhung

Lie Fhung ©2018

authentic, one-of-a-kind handmade jewellery
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